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alt In the world of elegant jewelry, white pearls are both beautiful and highly valued. In many ways, they represent good service and quality.But black pearls, those are something extra special. They are exceptionally rare and represent a level of service that goes above and beyond and leaves a lasting impression.

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Travel Journal

Thailand: Perfect In Its Imperfections

It all began with a few connections and overall traveling time of about 24 hours in an airplane, but it was worth it. Don’t let the flights deter you, because this country is incredible.Personally I had never been to Asia, I knew this experience would be different but I didn’t realize how different until I got there. Thailand’s way of life, religion, history, art, language, and food is unique and beautiful. Thailand is random – like finding corn in your chocolate ice cream or realizing that the girl standing next to you really isn’t a woman but a man. It’s hot and humid, it seems that no matter the season, you always find yourself sweating. Some cities have no sidewalks, because why build them when everyone just drives mopeds around? But it’s those quirks that make Thailand so great. Thailand makes you laugh and humble. It is an incredibly beautiful land and its kind people are what make it so wonderful.

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